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Custom Automotive Detail in Tucson Arizona

Alexander Automotive Detail specializes in customized auto care for the residents of the Tucson area. For the last 12 years, Alexander Automotive Detail has provided quality automotive detailing for those affected by the harsh Arizona weather. We pride ourselves on protecting your automotive investment by providing owner supervised detail work to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Call us today and let us take care of your automotive investment- 520-603-0228
Door control panel in a modern car - Professional Cleaning in Tucson, AZ
Car Interior Cleaning - Automotive detail in Tucson, AZ
Car Upholstery Cleaning - oxidation removal in Tucson, AZ
Car Wheel Installation - RV detailing in Tucson, AZ
Alexander Automotive Detail uses the best products on the market coupled with demineralized/ reverse osmosis water. Our use of quality products ensures that you will be provided the best automotive detail work in the Tucson area. The harsh Arizona weather has no chance when you choose Alexander Automotive Detail for all your automotive detail needs. Call us today and let us treat your investment to the finest detailing in Arizona - 520-603-0228.


Mike did an amazing job! Even though we got the basic wash, The Sword, he cleaned my cup holders (which the car wash I patronized in Florida never did). The cars sparkle and shine! Mike is also a very friendly guy! We will be back for sure!

Emma H.